Brad Baker: The Development of Modern Day Preterism (2010)

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After chatting with Todd Dennis I found that the Preteristic Idealism view believes only those in Christ are free from Adam’s sin and death. Therefore Adam’s sin and death still is ongoing for those not in Christ.

The Development of Modern Day Preterism

By Brad Baker

August 29, 2010

I’m beginning to see the root of the some of the problems within Full Preterism, Preteristic Idealism and Universal Preterism or Universal Reconciliation. All of these groups have seemed to teach that being in God’s presence is a reward to those in Christ only.

After chatting with Todd Dennis I found that the Preteristic Idealism view believes only those in Christ are free from Adam’s sin and death. Therefore Adam’s sin and death still is ongoing for those not in Christ.

It goes without saying that mainline Christianity believes that only believers were made alive by Christ during the transition age between the cross and A.D. 70.

Most forms of Preterism believe except Preteristic Idealism that in A.D. 70. all of mankind was made alive by Christ, the just and the unjust in the universal corporate resurrection of mankind from the sin and death of Adam into Christ and all made subjects of Him when the City and Temple were destroyed.

Ongoing Universal Kingdom Eschatology view believes that a person from the beginning of birth, starting  from that time of A.D. 70 and on and forever, all people were and are born alive and in God’s presence, similar to what Universal Reconciliation believes in but not as in all are saved from the second death. Just the first death which was Adam’s sin and death separation from God. That first death ended in A.D. 70. The Temple which stood was representing a separation between God and man and when that temple vanished away so did man’s separation from God.

Ongoing Universal Kingdom Eschatology view also believes a Spiritual dwelling place for all people. Either the Heavenly domain or the Lake of Fire will be determined through ones choices made while alive on Earth, while being able to experience one or the other during the time we have while physically alive. Then after physical death they remain in the domain that they died in at the time of physical death after facing the Judgment seat of Christ which is ongoing forever.

The Universal Reconciliation view believes to include all being in the Heavenly domain therefore all are saved because of God’s love, and because of His love God cannot judge or cast anyone into a Lake of Fire, which does not exist anymore, because it ended with the Old Age in A.D. 70.

Ongoing Universal Kingdom Eschatology believes all were saved from only Adam’s sin and death but not all are saved from the Lake of Fire, which is a result from being in God’s presence while rejecting Christ and rejecting His Laws of the Spirit in their hearts and mind. They choose to live like the Prodical son, living and eating with dogs and swine outside of the gates to the city and Tree of Life.

God is a consuming fire, and those who believe and abide in Christ, are His flames. Those who reject Christ are being tested and tried “tormented” in their heart and conscience from rejecting the truth. That is what their torment is. Better words would be tested and tried like a touchstone in the refining fire where gold, silver, brass are made. Wood, hay and weeds and thorns turn to ash and in a similar way so does the Christ rejecter etc. at the time of their physical death. While they are yet still alive they have time to turn back to Christ by putting Him on like a garment while hating the garments of the flesh.

Everyone, that is physically alive experience the seasoning, testing, trying of our faith in the refining fire. To those who believe it is just refinement in the fire as gold, silver or brass. To those who are non-believers in Christ, it is as a Lake of Fire with only one way to escape and the choice must be made while they are yet physically alive. At physical death they burn up like wood, hay, weeds and thorns.

 In Jude 1:23 we can see an example of someone being pulled out from the fire and they were allowed out because they turned and hated the garments of the flesh, which would mean they would have also put on Christ before they physically died.

While also seeing that most who are alive presently in today’s world on Earth are not in the Lake of Fire as of yet, maybe only 1% are, they are the 1%er’s. Neither does all of mankind take advantage of freely entering in through the gates and freely eat from the tree of life. Even those who are called by His name rarely take advantage of entering into the Heavenly realm. Those that do you can usually tell if your in tune to the Spirit of Christ. They look just like Him within their Spirit and bear forth the fruits from the Tree of Life.

Pretism in all forms have taught those outside of the gates are not in God’s presence, most are not sure of the under Earth domain and believe that the Lake of Fire ended in A.D. 70.

 At least that is what I perceived when I had become a Full Preterist back in 2004. Shortly after we began to see Preterism split apart and many forms of Preterism develop.

All of the different forms of Preterism do not see all three domains being in God’s presence and Kingdom right here and now, and has been for the last 1935 years as Ongoing Universal Kingdom Eschatology does. Those domains in God’s Kingdom are:

1. The New Heavenly Domain

2. The New Earth

3. The Lake of Fire or under Earth

Many from the foundation of Modern Day Full Preterism are beginning to see that those outside of the gates are also in God’s presence and made alive by Christ and that their still is a Lake of Fire this side of A.D. 70 that is an ongoing part of God’s Kingdom. While most still think that the Lake of Fire only pertained to A.D. 70, as an old death swallowing up another old death, been the death of Adam’s reign.

Some Full Preterist are waking up to the second death or Lake of Fire as a new form of death when all things were made new, which was created at Pentecost, for the New Heaven and Earth. Now when all things were made new, that does not mean somethings were made new. The scripture is clear about that, and that being ALL THINGS were made new. If there was a covenant in the old then there is a new covenant. If there was a old temple then there is a new temple. If there was an old death, you get the point.

This is what the Ongoing Universal Kingdom Eschatology has developed into what many are beginning to see.

The “New” Second Death was formed to swallow up the “Old” death of Adam’s separation from God along with it’s administration of death, mainly from the Laws of Moses, but would also include alter sacrifices which began from the time God made skins from Adam and Eve from a lamb that had to be sacrifices right on down through Cain and Able’s offerings with a conclusion of Jesus Christ crucified on the cross. If the second death was from the Old how could something from the old swallow up another death from the old…? It just would not make sense, only something created from the new could swallow up something else from the old.

From what I see within the other two groups of thought, from Preteristic Idealism and Universal Preterism is that they remain with their original forms of thought like as if their heads were stuck in the sands of A.D. 70 not being able to see the New Heaven and Earth as it really is. With a new Law of the Spirit, a new form of Heavenly Government that has a new form of justice with righteous judgment.