Discussion of hermeneutics between preterists and idealists

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December 29, 2016

The discussion took place on Facebook, and it is still available for perusal under the original post title, “Where are the preterists on Twitter”.

The discussion began as an inquiry on the nature of the parousia of Jesus Christ, but with time developed into an investigation of the differing methods of interpretation employed by preterists and idealists.   Matthew Clark and Ward Fenley are the main contributors on the preterist side, with Todd Dennis starting and Nate Dubois closing the defence of idealism.  Because of the long friendship between the principal contributors, bluntness was not given or taken with malice on either side.

Readers are encouraged to determine for themselves if there is any merit to the charges brought against full preterism by those who formerly held the position.  As always, comments are encouraged from all sides in the discussion.