Philip Mauro: The Descent of the High Priest at Pentecost (1922)

The writer of these lines can testify from experience that, by the simple process of believing what is written in the New Testament concerning the actual present existence, among the things not seen, of the true Zion, of the city of the living God the heavenly Jerusalem, of the holy nation which is a royal priesthood, and of other spiritual realities, the main difficulty in the understanding of the Old Testament prophecies which speak of a glorified state of the things named above, vanishes away. Continue reading “Philip Mauro: The Descent of the High Priest at Pentecost (1922)”

Introduction to the “Parousia Series”

Typically, the coming of the Lord is seen as a single historical event.  However, the Greek word parousia, upon which the English is often rendered simply as ‘coming’, suggests much more. The simple identification of the origins of the word parousia offers a tremendous opportunity to cut through centuries of error in order to comprehend the prenatal work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer.

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