The Roots of Full Preterist Universalism

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The Roots of Full Preterist Universalism
Todd Dennis

It has long been held that one of the most consistent forms of full preterism was found among the universalists.  This is because these believers adhere to the conclusions required by the “fulfillment of all Bible prophecy in AD70” much more than the typical full preterist who, through a series of inconsistencies, seeks an artificial bridge over the inescapable results of the view.

This presentation follows the theological path of Robert Townley – history’s first known full preterist.  Recognizing the inconsistencies of his approach of total fulfillment, he embraced universalism.  After some time in that view, he recognized how an idealist hermeneutic answers the errors of both his prior hermeneutics.

Townley’s career is shown to develop from futurism, to preterism, to universalism, and finally to idealism.  This, I believe, is a natural progression in theology and one which all students should understand.

Sections of this presentation can be heard in “The (New) History of Full Preterism” Part Two.

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