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My goal with this personal introduction is to explain why it took my particular background to reach the goal of my earliest prayers – theological perfection.

I was never a partial preterist, but went straight from dispensationalism to full preterism.  Keep in mind that this was before I even knew that there was such a thing as preterism.  I had been given total freedom with the Bible by becoming the senior pastor of a dispensationalist church and as a result of my studies I instantly was show the total fulfillment of the object of the Bible – ancient Israel.

It wasn’t until I started my website that a visitor told me that the doctrines I was teaching were known as preterism.  Everything came straight from the Bible.  And to this day I believe that what was shown to me was correct.  That even full preterism — when kept in its proper place — is a gateway to the revelation of a single point.  This point takes the student beyond full preterism instantly, but I did not know that at the time.

The point is this:  The object of Bible prophecy was totally fulfilled by AD70.  And yet, this is only the object lesson of the Bible.  The subject of the Bible — consummation of the eternal plan to bring mankind into the eternal realm — was fulfilled before creation.

I know that it is difficult for someone to wrap their mind around the concept that something could be in a state of consummation before the object lesson is acted out on Earth, but this is simply the case.  There are certainly enough passages of scripture to confirm the idea of pretemporal consummation… we just don’t see them or don’t understand what they really mean.

The pretemporal council of the Trinity is a topic familiar to most reformed theologians.  This concept focuses on the plan of redemption as it was determined by the members of the Trinity before creation.  The plan for the redemption of man was decided, determined, and consummated before the first steps in the revelation of that plan in history.  Once the determination was consummated, all that remained was the means of expressing this spectacular reality to mankind.

Ancient Israel was chosen to carry the truth of eternal consummation by the release of information in drips of data.  Those who saw the message in that data (such as King David) didn’t require the entire object lesson to be performed before recognizing that Jesus Christ was the King of all creation.  Others, even after the object lesson has been completed, still struggle with that idea.

And so every attempt to place consummation of the decree within the scope of history is doomed to failure.


I was raised Presbyterian until my teenage years, when a non-denominational church scared the bejeezus out of me using the pretribulational rapture pamphlet during a church-sponsored youth retreat.  Great night of dreams, that was.

Once I graduated high school, theology became a passion and led me to Bible college.  Once in the Master’s program I was sent to be the senior pastor of a church in North Dakota at 23 years of age.  The freedom provided by independent study led straight to full preterism before I had even heard of that system  of theology.  Web development had long been a hobby (dating back to my BBS admin days in 1986, using a Commodore 64), and the rise of the web provided the outlet I needed to reach the world with the message of fulfilled prophecy.

The results were staggeringly successful, leading to the rise of a movement and citations in books by LaHaye, MacArthur, and many others.  In 2005, numerous unsolvable problems with preterism solidified into the recognition of a superior method of interpretation.  Preterist Idealism was released publicly in 2006, and the online movement I had started began to crumble into the dust it is today.  Ten years of isolated studies later I’m back on the scene and ready to roll.

I am an idealist, in the broadest sense of the term.  That is, I strongly believe in the triumph of light over darkness, and the immaterial nature of the source of all light and life.   On the other hand, I am a realist, in the broadest sense of the term.  That is, I recognize that in our outward and visible world darkness can triumph over light, war over peace, hate over love, etc.   However, it is my belief that the seeming triumph of the darkness is only an illusion, and that in all cases the Light is triumphant — even in every generation in which it appears that the darkness is supreme.

It pleases God to hide a matter, and the knowledge of the Triumphant Light is reserved for those of a contrite heart.   This is not to say that there is some mystical gnosis to be systematically unearthed in order for one to truly see… as spiritual sight is a gift given from above, not something which can be mentally or soulfully approached.   In fact, those who seek God under the power of their bodies and minds will be led astray as were the outward people of God — as Jesus Christ alone receives all glory for Wisdom and its dissemination.

It is therefore presented at that all systems of Christian doctrine which look to the historical process for the ultimate fulfillment of prophecy will be led astray into many scisms and confusions.    Certainly, provisional accomplishment of outward signs may come in natural things, but these are not the substance of fulfillment… but are the shadow which points towards the Body.

Though various forms of idealism will be presented – including the mystical or “spiritualist” forms of “inner light” teachings – my approach is extremely conservative and focused on an inherent science.   All of the liberal approaches available, such as Christian Gnosticism, Quakerism and Swedenborgianism, are believed to be missing the truth, and will be presented openly as in error.   Ultimately, though, this site is committed to presenting a systematic theology which explains the invisible and internal substance of prophecy within the confines of conservative Christianity.

Generally, my method of thinking works on three levels of biblical revelation, seen here using a few common examples.

  • Sabbath: Saturday< Sunday<Everlasting

  • Kingdom: Ancient Israel<the Church<the Body of Christ

  • Marriage Supper: Passover< Lord’s Supper>Abundance

  • Exodus: Egypt<Jerusalem<Sin

I’ll be including my biography throughout the site, particularly as it relates to my Exodus out of dispensationalism and full preterism.  No offense is intended to anyone for posting critical comments and flame wars.  The heat of war subsided years ago.  Rather, the full history of my hermeneutical development is given to show what needed to be overcome in order to get this new system off the ground.


Dispensational Futurism to Hyper Preterism to Idealism

“Up to about 2006-2007, the Hyper-Preterist community found its unifying force in Todd Dennis’s now-classic “Preterist Archive.”  On its mystic pages, Hyper-Preterists banded together, shared their opinions, laid down the parameters of the faith, encouraged one another, and even staged public debates with orthodox theologians.  When, however, Todd renounced Hyper-Preterism in 200(6), identifying it as a dangerous heresy, the fragile unity was broken.  With no more nexus of leadership, the movement began to splinter, eventually breaking into a number of opposing “camps.”  This has been the main trend of Hyper-Preterism for the past three years. ”

C. Preterist Idealism   This system was first developed by former Full Preterist Todd Dennis, and presented at the first annual “Carlsbad Eschatology Conference” in 2007 (hosted by Kurt Simmons); though it integrates elements from Preterism and other systems.  Preterist Idealism teaches that the historical fulfillment of prophecy constitutes only the “shadows” of an eternal spiritual substance which believers obtain “in Christ.”  New Testament typology is vertical rather than horizontal; and meant to point to the higher realties of the Christian life, rather than foreshadow things to come.   Idealism relies heavily on the allegorical interpretation of prophetic texts.  The system has a small number of adherents, most of them former Full Preterists.

From 2006 NCMI Conference:

“Todd Dennis, to whom I am deeply indebted for his credentials of service to the Preterist movement through the website, brought to the conference a broad historical perspective on what we face and where we are in our desire for reformation in Christian thought. He pointed out many in church history who pioneered this recovery of historic eschatological view.

I had the deep impression in my heart that Todd has arrived where I desire to be.  I hope some day to heal and be no longer wounded or angry at those who ex-communicate me from fellowship. Todd is a brother who models a theology flowing with the uplifting reality of Jesus’ presence in our lives bringing us into the holy city.  Favorite thoughts from Todd- The defense of the Dispensational view has become a “Culture of Deception” that can oppress believers with chains.  It was always about Jesus, not Israel and the Land. Let your understanding of who you really are in Christ, take over your daily life.”  D.H.


While pastoring an Unregistered Baptist church in North Dakota, my heart and conscience were compelled toward a totally fulfilled eschatology in Jesus Christ.

Month Day A/P Bible Text Subject
February 10 A Matthew 13:3-9 Maricopa County Jail: Growing and Changing
1993         Panelist on Jerry Springer Show #669
July     Jeremiah 6:16 John Lewis ACUC Conference
October     Lester Rohloff Report on Government Seizure of Church
October     Ron Craig Dispensationalist Pre-Tribulational Rapture
October     Ron Craig 501c3 Status and Church Licensure
December 7      
        Christ’s Ministry of Reconciliation
        Chronology of the First Century
January 8   I John 1:8 Sin and its Consequences
January 14     Tribulation Period is Past
February 20   I Peter 2:13-14 Authority and Government
April 23   Hebrews 13:5 The Forsaken
June 9   Nat’l CLC Conv. Authority
August 23   John 8:43-46 Dealing with Disagreement
October 2   Hebrews 8:8 Abiding Validity of Law
October 9   Psalm 103:17-18 Israel’s Betrothal and Marriage
November 5   Isaiah 59:21 Called and Chosen
November 12   II Cor. 5:17 Who are God’s Chosen?
November 26     Old Covenant of Promise
December 3 A   Desolation of Jerusalem
December 10 A Zechariah 8 Tracking God’s People: Temple Past
December 10 P Leviticus 20:12 Tracking God’s People: Temple Present
December 17 A Hebrews 4 Walking with a Clear Conscience
December 17 P Isaiah 8:12 Jacob vs. Esau Forever!
December 19     Gov’t Shutdown is Good
January 3   Isaiah 43 Our Eternal Home
January 7 A Matthew 24 Desolations Determined
January 7 P Matthew 24 Abominable Sign Preceding
January 14 A Matthew 24:34 Tribulation Period Has Passed
January 14 B Matthew 24:34 No Pre-Tribulational Rapture
January 21 A Hebrews 11 Glorious Faith
January 21 P Hebrews 11 Yielding to God’s Will
January 24 P Matthew 18:22 Seventy Times Seven=AD70
January 28 A Matthew 21:43-44 Kingdom of Heaven at Hand
January 28 P   No Millennial Reign of Christ
February 2  

Christian Identity Forum
(Rapid City, SD)

February 4 A   Day of Christ at Hand
February 4 P Revelation 21:1-3 Our Eternal Home
February 18 P Hebrews 4:12 Power of Discernment
February 21 P   Awareness and Spirit Walking
February 25 A Genesis 11 Shadow of Things to Come – Inheritance (What?)
February 25 P Acts 13:32-33 Shadow of Things to Come – Inheritance (For Whom?)
March 3 A Paoli, IN Inheritance
March 31 A   Kingdom of God in Prophecy
March 31 P   Grieving the Spirit
April 7 A John 8:12 Give Glory Due
April 7 P   Authority in the Gospels
April 10 P Psalm 119 Gimmel
April 14 A   Death and Eschatology
April 14 P Psalm 119 God’s Law
April 17 P Psalm 119 Dalet
April 21 A   Baptisms
April 21 P   Israel
April 28 A   Eternal Fatherhood
April 28 P   Flesh and Spirit Contrast
May 5 A   The Pen is Mightier
May 5 P   Christ as Focus of All
May 12 A   Lucifer as Christ in New Versions
May 12 P   Consumed with Dying
May 19 A Isaiah 11:10 Reading the Prophets
May 19 P   Spiritual Warfare Today
May 26 A   Israel by Inheritance
June 2 A   Traits of the Spirit
June 2 P   Four Theories of Law
June 9 A   Covenant of Christ
June 9 P   Covenantal Nature of Gov’t
June 16 A Revelation 20 Satan Has Been Overcome
June 16 P Revelation 21 Availability to the Spirit
June 23 A   Repentance and Brokenness
June 23 P   Pentecost Today
June 30 A   Brokenness and Repentance
June 30 P   Tabernacle of David
July 7 A   Trusting and Waiting – I
July 7 P   Final Authority?
July 14 A   Wait with Prayer
July 14 P   Rejoice in Morning
July 21 P Daniel 9 Hope of the Fathers
July 24   Proverbs 30:33 Care in Prayer
July 28 A Revelation 1:1 Opposing Covenants
July 28 P Revelation 1:3 Shortly Come to Pass
August 25      
September 21   Psalm 78 Parabolic Speech Signals the Eternal
October 1 Online
October 6     Old Testament Festivals Fulfilled in Christ
October 13     Revelation of the Glory of Christ
October 20   Revelation 21 The Bride of Christ is Married Now!
November 10   Matthew 24:34 When is the Second Coming of Christ?
November 17   II Corinthians 5 Two Dilemma of Christ’s Ministry
November 24   II Peter 3:10 Day of the Lord and New Heavens
November 26   Hebrews 12:25 A Kingdom Cannot Be Shaken
December 1 A Matthew 24 New Heavens/Earth Conclusion
December 1   I Corinthians 15 Death is Swallowed Up in Victory!
December 22   Galatians 3:15 Three (or so) Fatal Flaws of Futurist Christianity
January 12 P Isaiah 35 Interpreting the NT by the OT
January 19 A Genesis 2:17 What Type of Death in Genesis 2 and 3?
January 19 P Prov. 3:5 Joshua and the Plan of Redemption
January 26 A Genesis 2:17 More on What Type of Death
January 26 P Prov. 3:5 More on Brokenness
February 2      
February 2      
February 9     Revelation of Redemption
February 12      
February 16     Revelation of Redemption II
February 23 A Genesis Brothers – Cain/Abel
February 23 B   Awareness
March 2 A    
March 2 P Galatians 6 Walking in the Spirit
March 9 A   Flood as a Type of Day of Lord in A.D.70
March 9 P   Tongues – I
March 16 A    
March 16 P   Tongues – II
March 23 A   Which Day was Christ Crucified?
March 23 P   The Lord’s Supper & Observation
April 13 A   Tongues – III
April 13 B   Redemption and Return of Christ
April 27  

I Corinthians 15:44

The Resurrection
May 4 P   On the “Heavens and Earth”
May 18   Walking in Spirit


May 25 A Walking in Spirit Living Presence of Chist
May 25 P Walking in Spirit What About Pain and Sorrow?
June 1 A Walking in Spirit Determination to Walk in the Spirit
June 15 A Conference Introduction to Fulfilled Eschatology
June 15 P   Introduction to Fulfilled Eschatology – II
June 29 A Walking in Spirit Emotional Detachment
June 29 P   Book of Revelation: When Written?
July 6 A   Presence Everlasting – Part I
July 6 P   Book of Revelation: Subject Matter
July 13 I Seminar New Testament Eschatology and Fulfillment
July 13 II Seminar New Heavens and Earth is Gospel
July 29 A   Higher Thinking: The 60s?
July 29 P   Higher Thinking: Philosophers?
August 3 A   Resurrection in the Gospel of John
August 3 P  

Resurrection in the New Testament

August 31 A   Sovereign Grace: Introduction
August 31 P   Book of Revelation: Ephesus
September 7 A   Son of God; Second Man – I
September 14 A   Son of God; Second Man – II
September 14 P   Book of Revelation: Smyrna
September 21 A   Son of God; Second Man – III
September 21 P   Book of Revelation: Pergamos
September 28 A   Death of Death in Christ
September 28 P   Book of Revelation: Pergamos
November 9 A   Ecclesiastes – I : Archetypes and History
November 16     Nietzsche and Dead Christianity


January 18 A Matthew 22:7 Types of Prophetic Scripture: Parables
January 18 P Matthew 24:34 Critical Texts
February 1 P   Day of the Lord
March 15   Hebrews 8:13 Covenant Passover
March 30   II Corinthians 4:18 The Connectedness of Man – Flesh vs. Spirit
March 30   Galatians 6:16 The Israel of God
March 30   Joshua 1 The Meaning of Life (and how to succeed according to Joshua)
July 31 A SGP Seminar
(San Diego, CA)
All the Promises of God in Him
August 1 A SGP Seminar
(San Diego, CA)
All the Promises of God in Him


  NCMI Conference The Heart of Jerusalem
  NCMI Conference Retrograde Hermeneutics


  Carlsbad Conference DSS & Fulfilled Eschatology
  Carlsbad Conference (New) History of Full Pret – A
  Carlsbad Conference (New) History of Full Pret – B

10 Replies to “Todd Dennis”

  1. Hey Todd. Have you ever heard of the quaker Elias Hicks? He had some similar ideas as you. What are your thoughts on Quakerism in general? So far in my journey preterism and Quakerism have been the two paths that most resonate with my conscience. It’s enjoyable reading your material, it’s sort of a combination of both. Thanks for all you do.

  2. Heya Adam, that is a good observation. If we were only considering things of the natural realm then I probably wouldn’t disagree with the idea of a Preterist/Quaker admixture. The Preterist has the accomplished consummation and the Quaker has the inner millennium. Marry those two concepts together and you’ve got a powerful message.

    In reality, though, the message is even more powerful still. This is because the natural aspect of the work of redemption is just the “middle part” of the story. Neither view, as a rule, acknowledges the precreational aspect of the covenant and the consummation. Preterists want to place it in the historical past and Quakers want it in the historical future. Though strong on the inner life of the present spiritual life, Quakers still anticipated the judgment at the end of the world.

    The failure to recognize the ahistorical nature of consummation is the common mistake among theologians, as they are all products of nature and have great difficulty seeing things above. And so, the answer is to follow Paul by not looking primarily at the things which can be seen but primarily to the things which cannot. If we wish, we can use things seen as secondary signposts and indicators, but they are nothing more than this.


    1. I agree. Most quakers believed in a future coming of Jesus but the Hicksites didn’t. Elias Hicks doctrines were very different and it caused a major schism within Quakerism. Either way his teachings although hard to find were very enlightening and radical in regards to the inward spiritual journey. It’s so refreshing finding a preterist that I can relate with. think most preterists focus to much on the physical and the letter apart from the indwelling word of life. I have been looking for awhile now for others to have fellowship with, do you know of any active groups where believers engage and strengthen each other and discuss preterist idealist thought? It’s where my heart is as well.

  3. All you have to do to find Christians concerned with the inner life is to find the persecuted. Those with comfortable lives have little incentive to seek higher truths.

    There are a number of us on Facebook who seek spiritual things, but once the fleshly-minded find our discussions they are quickly derailed. It is amazing to see Matthew 23:13 in action with “Christians”:

    But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.

    Thanks for looking around.

  4. Hi Todd! I have been on your website some 20 times or less probably over the last 2 years or so. However, I didn’t know anything about you. But about 6 months ago I listened to a sermon on YouTube called, “The (New) History of Full Preterism.” Only after reading your bio stuff above did I connect the dots 🙂

    So, in all sincerity, I’m a little confused. As a Preterist Idealist, do you happen to believe in a future corporate human consummation of some kind?

    Thanks & Blessings

  5. Heya Jordan,

    Great to hear from you.

    Ten years ago I took all of the full preterist data and subsumed it into a secondary role as an object lesson for the Christian life.

    This means, to me, that every aspect of that peculiar generation is to be understood as a revelation of personal Christian development (or unbelieving desolation).

    The individual focus is only a figment of our limited understanding, however, as we are all one body in Christ in the spiritual realm. Consequently, all corporate consummation is not of this world, and cannot rightly be called “future” or “past” in that it is outside of time. What is individual in this world is corporate in that world. And we will see this objectively after we pass from this to that.

    Thanks for commenting!

  6. Mr. Dennis- Knowing of your website for some years, yet putting it aside until recently, I finally came to read of your progress towards Preterist Idealism. While I find the website a warren of ‘links and ties’ (to borrow one of Laird Wilcox’s favorite sayings) I have been very much blessed (a euphemism I rarely use, as it is so very ‘protestant’ to me- thus, distasteful) recently for the articles on “Jerusalem as the Heart of the faithful.” As a former RC, my amillennialism was tempered by the CR movement, Rushdoony, and most especially De Mar, Chilton, et al., through the latter’s ‘Days of Vengeance’ commentary, and his forays toward Orthodoxy. He was correct, but his heart attack, and subsequent death robbed the world of an intellect that might have been an ironic spirit between East and West.

    My question(s) is this- while I believe I can see where you are coming from (going to?) I wondered, after doing some digging on your site:

    Have you seriously looked at the patristic witness to the Doctrine of the Incarnation (especially as the Orthodox see it) when speaking of the PI synthesis?

    I saw that you pretty much dismiss the Christian Identity thesis, even in the wake of realization that the Preterist position pretty much disenfranchises the entire Judaic edifice, root and branch, from EVER being considered valid, as the ‘Israel of God.’ [Gal. 6:16] Indeed, it is an all but a megaton bomb (good!) against the Zionist, as much as the Dispensationalist, and thus, establishes what Provan wrote about in his ‘The Church is Israel now.”

    But the fact- the miracle- the wonder of the Incarnation (and the Orthodox construct of theosis – ‘partakers of the divine nature’) is, and seems to be THE hot potato that is never dealt with (or hasn’t been) by the Reformed/Protestants. You come closest to it, but then you, too, shy away. I read over at Faith and Heritage website, some amazing insights on the issue of Ethno-nationalism, the biblical boundaries between nations and races, but even they preach a sort of ‘soteriological Universalism’- which, of course, you already dealt with, via the FP position. But if Universalism is error in the theological realm, why isn’t it in the Incarnational?!?

    Yet it must be. If the West is to extricate itself from the morass of theological atomistic individualism, the clear threat of Multiculturalism, the fallacy that ‘the Negro is my brother’ (to be brutally honest in this era of ‘take a knee’ by the NFL thugs) the West is being drug, kicking and screaming, toward the reality that Race/Incarnated Ethnicity truly matters – both to God (Eighth command – against ‘adulteration’- which is what the LXX word means in Ex. 20:14 [Neh. 13:25, Tob. 4:12] as well as to men – Loving v. Virginia was only sixty years ago, for the record.

    The Church, instead of compromising her purity, needs to put her insights toward a solution the Byzantines have known about since at least the 8th century; the fact that God’s people ‘must be pure/separate,’ precisely because they are called to theosis.

    The reason I mention this, is that the PI position, when applied to the CI position, clearly appears to corroborate the reality of:
    a) Adam’s creation as ‘other’ to all hominids on the planet [the reality that Ken Ham’s ‘One Blood’ is both heretical as well as Darwinian in the extreme- and also, why Cain’s wife and city are already extant, when God banishes him from His/Adam’s familial presence in Genesis]
    b) the godly ‘line’ of Noah, [‘perfect in his generations’- a term clearly tied to physical procreation] and the genetic impossibility of Noah’s three sons being the progenitors of all ‘races’ on earth, especially when it was only a local and not a planet-wide flood…
    c) Abaham’s/Isaac’s/ Jacob’s- and by extension (duh) Israel’s RACIAL Election; thus setting up [predestinating] the entire Scripture, as the Record of the indwelling of the Godhead with the Adamic seed [ Gen. 3:15 – the patristic/catholic ‘Ave Eva,’ and the clear [‘seed’- ‘Sperma’ in the LXX] undisputable Divinization of Adam’s Flesh (and only Adam’s flesh) in the Incarnation- John 1:1., etc.]

    Thus, the avoidance of the Doctrine of the Incarnation (I believe) – the Hypostatic Union of Our Lord’s two natures, as well as his two wills [Dyothelitism], has ramifications, clearly. But it doesn’t stop there, as you probably know: the catholic understanding of the Eucharist, and its avoidance by protestants is another issue. All of it is not due only because it isn’t ‘Reformed,’ but also (I have come to see) because of this unwillingness on the part of many Prots (who are all ‘racial universalists’ when it comes down to it) as a corrollary (today) to the desire to avoid Dispensationalism, yet it has, at base, the desire/fear seen in the light of ‘Avoiding the Incarnation’ and all that that means. Throwing the baby out with the bath water, as it were.

    Because the West has sundered itself from her own Catholic heritage (especially, and even Rome as well! – the Orthodox have a saying- “Rome was the first Protestant”) she has not only lost this patristic vision; she has sought to ‘suppress the truth in unrighteousness,’ [Rom. 1] to avoid understanding that only One race, One People, One Ethnos is the Elect of God, as Scripture witnesses…. and from AMONG only that people, is drawn the Elect of God. That the apostate Jews (Edomites/Idumeans/Pharisees) were told THEIR flesh couldn’t justify them, [John 1:13 refers back to John 1:11, after all] doesn’t mean the same to the pure Israelites, weren’t. For, after all, ‘to the pure, all things are pure.’ [Tit. 1:15]

    I strongly believe this lack of knowledge comes from the quasi-Nestorian paradigm that most Protestants carry, due (in part) to their filioquist baggage. But because the PI paradigm BOTH has the possibility of UN-recognizing the ‘Jews’ [Idumean/Khazar/ Talmudic] as imposters; as well as ‘establishing’ [Rom. 1:11] the Church of Christendom as God’s ‘Jerusalem,’ (‘and did those feet in ancient time…’) as well as God’s ONLY Israel, ever, I thought I would write.

    If the entirety of the OT was to prepare a ‘seed’ for God to Incarnate, (and it was) and if that Incarnation was both for salvation as well as divinization [‘partakers of the Divine Nature’] (and it was) then why SHOULDN’T we see ONE race alone, as the locus and focus of the Kingdom?

    “Ye are gods,” Christ corroborated of the Judeans/Hebrews of his day; while at the same time, denouncing the Idumean/Edomitic bastards [Obadiah] that John Hyrcanus had foisted on the ‘holy seed,’ [ Ez. 9:2] thus ‘filling up the cup of wrath’ [Rev. 16:19] which led to the ‘days of vengeance’ (Chilton’s commentary art work in his book of the same title comes to mind) which led to the destruction of false-incarnated Jerusalem, just as He promised…

    And as your Preterist Archive has so clearly delineated. So, while corroborating St. Paul’s this-worldly acknowledgment of ‘Abraham’s seed’ as opposed to Ishmael’s, on this planet, why should we deny the Incarnation of the ‘Chosen GENEA’ [I Pet. 2:9] then, as now?


  7. Heya there Fr. John. I appreciate your thoughtful reply. I was the student of a famour CI author, and saw the depth and breadth of the theology and the movement from it’s spiritual home. Though there may be some merit to the blood line arguments, I find it thoroughly irrelevant now that the light has been fully manifested by the Advent of Jesus Christ. CI is, to me, like preterism on steroids. I’m trying to draw people’s attention to Zion, so you can see why I found it unsatisfying for those indwelt by the Heavenly Presence. Blessings!

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